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“The individuals we support through our program...

...have valuable skills to offer the right employer. Like you, they take pride in their work, and their career is a huge part of their identity. They are committed employees that often have better attendance and retention than their peers. This pride and dedication can make them powerful ambassadors for your business and your brand. This is not charity, it's smart business.  Machelle Pugh, CEO”

our services


Tennessee Dept
of Human Services
(Division of Rehabilitation Services)

Milestone of TN is a Community Rehabilitation  Provider (CRP) and provides employment services to Vocational Rehabilitation participants . We assist eligible individuals with disabilities to prepare for and secure competitive integrated employment through person-centered, outcome-driven, education, employment, and support services. 

Tennessee Department

Milestone of TN facilities an evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral program at Debra Johnson Rehabilitation Center- Main Complex,  Debra Johnson Rehabilitation Center Annex and Riverbend Maximum Security Institution and . This 5 weeks program focus on increasing positive behavior, reducing undesirable or inappropriate behaviors, and promoting self-control, include actionable goals that promote problem-solving, communication, relaxation, and self awareness.  

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Social Security Administration
to Work

Are you interested in working or jumpstarting your career? Milestone of TN is an Employment Network (EN) provider with the Social Security Administration. We offer Social Security disability beneficiaries (persons who receive SSI or SSDI) age 18 through 64 who want to work with FREE job support. The Ticket Program and other Work Incentives allow you to keep your benefits while you explore employment, receive vocational rehabilitation services and gain work experience This program helps people with disabilities work towards financial freedom and independence.

Project SEARCH

The Project SEARCH High School Transition Program is a unique, business led, one year school-to-work program that takes place entirely at a designated site. This program provides real-life work experience combined with training in employability and independent-living skills to help young people with significant disabilities make successful transitions to productive adult life.  Each site partner facilitates a seamless combination of classroom instruction, career exploration, and hands-on training through worksite rotations.

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Discover Our Expertise

Milestone of TN exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but it is also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help our clients facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity. See the steps below to get started!

Step #1



We work with each client to understand their interests, abilities, and goals. Milestone of Tennessee has assisted individuals with developmental disabilities find meaningful employment throughout Shelby and surrounding counties. This starts with job coaching and skill development, working toward finding and maintaining successful employment.  The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) must authorize program participants for service.


Step #2

find the right fit

We offer local businesses resumes from candidates who we think are a good fit. Candidates undergo interview process and businesses choose to hire or not. Milestone of Tennessee partners with local businesses to provide job opportunities to individuals we serve. We match your interests and skillsets with opportunities available, and work hard to ensure that your experience in the workplace is secure and productive.



Step #3

Once hired, Milestone of Tennessee, Job Coaches develop relationships with each business and offer support as needed to both employee and employer..


Why Should You Hire

Job Coach

Ongoing support from a Milestone of Tennessee Job Coach as needed.

Free Training

Milestone of Tennessee Job Coach will help train your new employee, saving you time and money


Employees with I/DD more likely to stay and grow with company longer than a high school college student.

Tax Credit

Eligibility for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).

Tax Credit

This is not charity, this is a strong business decision.


Promotes inclusion and diversity within your community, broadens your demographic and to more business.

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