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Where we are making a difference in the lives of people everyday!


Milestone of Tennessee

.... provides comprehensive, specialized, and individualized training for disadvantaged job seekers in securing integrated, competitive employment in their community.

The Milestone Employment Program for Young Adults and Adults create opportunities for disadvantage job-seekers and disable individuals who have the highest barriers gaining employment among underrepresented groups in the workforce. Our team of Employment Specialists counters those barriers by offer career planning, resume assistance, job development, job placement, work support, and extended follow-along services. 


We can help you better understand your interests, skills, learning styles, and supports needed before starting the job search. Milestone of Tennessee, Employment Specialists will walk you through an assessment that can help us identify what career path you may be interested in.


Job Seeking & Development

Let's work together to find you a job that fits your skillset and makes you happy! From all of the paperwork and preparation needed to landing a job, to performing well and reaching your goals while on the job, Milestone of Tennessee has your back!

Customized Employment

This is a process of helping job seekers, like you, to recognize what you want to do and the contributions you can bring to a business. This also includes an individualized approach of job negotiation with a business that focuses on job tasks rather than specific position descriptions. Milestone of Tennessee, Employment Specialists are certified in providing Customized Employment services.

Workshop Owner

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Milestone of Tennessee offers a solution to high turnover. Our clients are eager and excited to work for you because this is more than just a paycheck, this is a career choice, a milestone in their lives. Your new employee wants to learn, grow, achieve, and be part of a working community just like anyone else who is building their career. And because of that, they are here to stay.

Among employers, more than 3/4 rated employees with I/DD good or very good on performance factors.

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acre certified

Support Group

A Milestone of Tennessee, Job Coaches are members of the Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE), a national organization that provides trainings, strategies, and accountability for job coaches of vocational rehab.

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